Ferraz Shawmut 改名Mersen


Ferraz Shawmut 改名Mersen ,原文申明如下:

RE: Ferraz Shawmut Changes its Name to Mersen
Newburyport, MA June 16, 2010
 – Ferraz Shawmut, the North American headquarters for the global company by the same name, announces it has changed its name to Mersen. “The name change reflects our history and, more importantly, our strategic direction,” said Daniel Beaudron, Vice President and General Manager for MERSEN USA Newburyport-MA, LLC.
For more than 125 years, Ferraz Shawmut has provided a wide range of circuit protection solutions. Since 1999, it has benefited from being a part of Carbone Lorraine, a large international group based in Paris, France, which specializes in providing high-performance materials for extreme environments and solutions to enhance the
reliability and safety of electrical systems. Carbone Lorraine and all of its subsidiaries, including Ferraz Shawmut, have changed their names to Mersen.
Over the past few years, the company has been diversifying itself by focusing on four growth drivers, i.e. sustainable development, Asia, selective acquisitions and innovation. This strategy is founded on an international and commercial network that has recently been bolstered by new plants employing the latest technologies. At the heart of this transformation, the company has strengthened its own culture of expertise and developed dedicated solutions to stay even more closely in touch with its customers needs.
“We have not been purchased,” states Mr. Beaudron. “The name change reflects a corporate-wide strategic initiative to unify our vision, product solutions and markets. Over time, we found that our various subsidiaries were catering to the same markets with complementary products solutions. In a global marketplace, it just makes sense to operate under one name. It focuses us all on a common goal.”
Mersen has embraced diversity in three main areas – people, solutions and markets. Culturally, it employs people representing nationalities from around the globe. It provides electrical applications with a broad range of solutions.
The company is also a recognized leader in diverse markets – energy, transportation, chemical/pharmaceutical, electronics, and process industries with a focus on sustainability.
The company’s product brands, such as Amp-Trap® 2000 fuses, Surge-Trap® surge protective devices, UltraSafe™ fuse modules, TPMOV® technology, and Tri-Onic® class RK 5 fuses will remain the same.
MERSEN USA Newburyport-MA, LLC

The Inspiration Behind the Name “Mersen”
The name “Mersen” encapsulates the company’s personality and values. It was inspired by the historic personality of Marin Mersenne (1588-1648), who made a significant contribution to technological progress in his day. An influential, yet discreet man, Marin Mersenne was a mathematician, philosopher and physician. A friend of Descartes, Hobbes and Gassendi and a correspondent of Pascal, Fermat and Toricelli, he forged the first scientific discussion network while conducting his own theoretical, but primarily practical research work. An openminded spirit and a man of integrity who made an unostentatious contribution to technological progress, he was a companion to the most advanced thinkers of his time.
It is also a name steeped in European history. Under the Treaty of Mersen (close to Maastricht in the Netherlands) in 870, King Charles the Bald and Louis the German, grandson of Charlemagne, divided up the land of their nephew Lothair II. The borders set were a harbinger of what later became the Kingdom of France, the Lorraine region and the Germanic Holy Roman Empire “Multiple areas of expertise, a single source of energy”: a name with a human touch above all else. What are the only inexhaustible resources that can be counted on in the future? People, their knowledge and their inventiveness are the Group’s most crucial capital. From Mersen, an expert in many different fields, flows an energy that it will harness to innovate and meet the needs of its customers.
Mersen reflects the initials of the words Materials, Electricity, Research, Sustainability and ENergy.
About Mersen
Mersen, formerly Ferraz Shawmut, is a worldwide expert in high-performance materials for extreme environments and in the reliability and safety of electrical installations. Drawing on a century of experience, and an ongoing commitment to critical research in electrical safety, it provides industrial, commercial, and OEM customers with innovative products and unsurpassed technical support. The electrical and circuit protection division provides a comprehensive line of current-limiting fuses (low voltage, general purpose, medium voltage, semiconductor, miniature and glass, and special purpose) and accessories, fuse blocks and holders, power distribution blocks, low voltage disconnect switches, surge protection, high power switches, heatsinks, thermal management and more. Amp-Trap® High-Speed Class J (HSJ) fuses, TPMOV® Technology, and the SmartSpot® open-fuse indicator are a few of the company’s latest innovations.