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Alcon started manufacturing aluminium electrolytic capacitorsfor the Indian entertainment electronics industry in 1977. Over the years the focus has shifted and Alcon now manufactures a large range of high CV screw terminal type aluminium electrolytic capacitors and a large variety of film capacitors for power electronic applications. The range of film capacitors now includes 3 types namely, IGBT snubber capacitors (direct mounting with – different terminals styles to suit all types of power IGBT modules), DC Link capacitors for high frequency application in power electronic and Power film capacitors which are designed for application involving wide operating frequency range of 5 kHz to 1 MHz, high current ratings of 200 to 1250 Arms and voltage ratings of 400 to 1200 Vrms.

With this enlarged range of capacitors, Alcon caters to the increasing needs of the power electronics sector. To improve market share in India and abroad Alcon has now completed the expansion which has enabled it to create additional manufacturing capacity for all capacitor types mentioned above. With this expansion a new more modern, well equipped R & D Laboratory has been established. This will facilitate further product development at Alcon. This laboratory is equipped to collect application data related to all types of capacitors that will be manufactured. Alcon is now fully equipped to cater to the increasing requirements of the target industries and will therefore fall in line with the Governments plans of ” Make in India “. Alcon will not only cater to the needs of the AC drives, UPS systems and the Inverter markets but will also cater to requirements of the industries involved in the manufacture of Wireless Electric Vehicle charging, High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment, Windmill and Solar Inverters, Telecom Equipment, besides a host of many special purpose industrial electronic equipment like Health Care (MRI, CT scan and X-ray) Equipment, Welding and Pulse Magnetizing Equipment, to name only a few.


Alcon has been able to meet the exacting quality criteria and standards of Indian as well discerning customers in USA, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, Turkey and even the very price conscious customers in China. Alcon believes that quality has to be built into the entire manufacturing process. The finest end products are assured by using the finest inputs, proven technology, modern production processes and equipment’s and stringent quality control. Alcon is registered to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 signifying Alcon’s commitment to quality, reliability and environment protection on the one hand and to safety as per international standards, on the other.


Designing capacitors for special applications requires an in-depth understanding of the application, knowledge of changing technologies, the ability to develop innovative technology concepts and finally, incorporate these concepts into the capacitors design & manufacturing processes. This would give the users high reliability and high performance products. Alcon’s capability to make custom designed capacitors is well known. One of Alcon’s significant advantage is that every stage of product development and innovation is evaluated in terms of changing technologies and user needs. Custom designed capacitors allow the users to select the right capacitor at the most viable price. Custom-designed capacitors account for almost 50% of Alcon’s sales. It is also for this reason that Alcon today exports about 30% of its production and after the current planned expansion the company’s target is to export 50% of its annual production. To enable the company to work effectively towards this objective Alcon’s range of aluminium electrolytic capacitors now have CE marking and its range of DCL – 41 DC-Link Capacitors are UL approved.


At Alcon, responsiveness to customers needs is an integral part of our marketing strategy. We work with customers, to understand their production operations and application needs, analyse problems and offer optimum and cost effective solutions. We do what it takes to satisfy customer requirements. Alcon has a marketing team with component specific knowledge and experience. Our distributors who are located in all important cities in India and in many cities internationally, function as marketing nerve centres and provide timely deliveries to consumers in their region. Alcon has 23 distributors in India and 18 across the Globe. Alcon has received several awards as a recognition of the company’s product quality, service, timely delivery and technology. Last fiscal the company received an award from Emerson Network Power India Pvt. Ltd., which was titled “Emerson Vendor appreciation Award.” This year we have received an award titled “Supplier Technology Award” from GE Healthcare. This award is for innovative product designs and development of several new products for GE in India. “GE believes that this is the kind of partnership they look forward to in today’s uncertain world.”

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