Celem capacitors


Celem, a family-owned business, was established in 1963 with the goal of designing, producing and marketing innovative, high-quality and reliable high-frequency power capacitors for Induction Heating applications. Celem’s proprietary mica-based technology and patented conduction cooled technology enable high currents to be generated in a much smaller unit than possible with traditional oil-filled capacitors.

In 1987, Celem introduced a new polypropylene-based capacitor technology that provides up to 1.2 MVAr of power in a single capacitor. Celem polypropylene technology is widely used for both high and medium frequency Induction Heating applications.  In addition, Celem offers assembly system solutions that flexibly combine capacitors to provide any desired configuration of voltage, current and capacitance.

After 40 years in southern France, Celem moved its headquarters to the high-tech park of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel in 2003.