The CSM 150/200 conduction-cooled capacitor is designed for high frequency applications requiring up to 200 kVAr of power. It offers superior electrical characteristics in the same physical dimensions as the popular CSM 150.

The CSM 150/200’s unique patented structure enables rapid mounting and dismounting of the capacitor, making it ideal for parallel and serial capacitor combinations.
Celem AS 150/3 and the AS 150/5 assembly systems are ideal for creating CSM 150/200 assemblies.

Please note that the newer CSM 150/300 has the same physical dimensions as the CSM 150/200 but is rated for higher voltage and higher current and can carry up to 300kVAr.

Standard applications: Medical equipment, EV (electric vehicle) charging, IPT, high frequency inverters, Induction Heating, Heat Treatment, Wireless Power Transfer, etc.


  • Polypropylene Conduction-cooled capacitor
  • High Power Self-Healing capacitor
  • Low ESR
  • Low losses
  • UL94-V0 available upon request.

The CSM 150/200 capacitor complies with RoHS.