TPC capacitor FFLC6-3475–B


LOGO: TPC capacitor
Model: FFLC6-3475--B
Capacity: 6000 µF (microfarads)
Tolerance: ±5%
Voltage Rating: 1000 VDC (Direct Current Voltage)
Irms (Root Mean Square Current): 350 A
Serial/Part Number: A845826
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The TPC capacitor with the model number FFLC6-3475--B, rated at 6000 µF with a tolerance of ±5% and a voltage rating of 1000 VDC, is designed to store electrical energy and release it when needed in various electronic circuits. Its high Irms rating of 350 A indicates its capability to handle significant current without damage.

Such capacitors are commonly used in power electronics applications where high energy storage and high current handling capabilities are required, such as in power supplies, motor drives, inverters, and energy storage systems. They help smooth out voltage fluctuations, filter out noise, and provide reactive power compensation in AC circuits.

If you have a specific application in mind or need further information about how to integrate this capacitor into a particular circuit, feel free to ask!